the land of maybe

The Faroe Islands are a unique place. Isolated from much of Europe and with a unique, unpredictable and chilly climate, the Faroe Islands have deep roots in culture and tradition. Much of the culture of the country is rooted in things passed down from generation to generation, whether it is the whale hunt that was once important to survive, the fishing industry that keeps the economy going or knitting sweaters that keep its 50,000 citizens warm.

The Faroe Islands are an obvious outlier from the rest of Europe. With an emphasis on religion and with young adults who return to their childhood homes and do not sever ties with family, they show how important the past and tradition are to their people. Whether one is fishing to make money to feed their family or knitting a sweater for a loved one, the Faroese people very much care about passing down tradition. Though they do not shirk new technologies, especially when it comes to growing vegetation in the harsh Northern Atlantic climate, they grasp onto the traditions they hold dear from yesteryear.

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