citizen kaine

Three months ago, I had never been to DC. I've been a lot of places in the US, but for some reason had just never made it to our nation's capitol. My boyfriend and I visited in December, and since then I've been twice in one week — once for the March for Life rally and once to follow a U.S. senator around for a day. I never would've imagined that when I moved to the Valley I'd be covering so many stories in DC, but I'm happy for the variety of assignments, especially since I know they mean a lot to our coverage area.

I've never been all that great at political reporting, so this was a rough assignment for me! But it was a fantastic experience. The whole day was a lot of hurry-up-and-wait since Senator Kaine spent a big chunk of the day in the confirmation hearing for Chuck Hagel's Department of Defense. Most of my shooting happened with him walking to vote and back. It was important that I nailed the interesting interactions and got weird with the events that took longer.

Despite the struggles, I was super pleased with the access Kaine and his aides gave us and it was a really exciting, though long, day. Who knows when I'll be in the capitol again, but I know I'll be a little more prepared and seasoned next time!