so long, texas

Yes, I'm off again. Though I'm sad to be leaving The Dallas Morning News before my internship is over, I'm happy to announce that I got a job! I'm going to be leaving Texas for the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, working at a small daily newspaper there and I could not be more excited. concrete cowboyMy experience in Dallas may have been short, but it was not without plenty of learning experiences, great assignments and awesome interactions with the other photographers from TDMN. I feel very privileged to even have spent such a short time there, as I don't think I ever would've imagined that I could be interning at this paper two years ago.

young gymnastsThanks to everyone in Dallas who made my experience so unique and so valuable. I am blessed to have interned at a paper who understood the value (and difficulty) of employment and could not have asked for a more understanding group of people about my early end.

fire victimSo long, Dallas. I'll miss your corny dogs, state patriotism and just generally Texan manner. Here's a wrap up of some chotchkies from the last few weeks.

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