uproar festival

Was assigned to photograph a concert series the other night of epically terrible proportions. It was the Uproar Festival at Fair Park, with Godsmack, Staind, and Shinedown. And the crowd was interesting. rock concert crowdDefinitely had an entertaining time at this concert. I was kind of not looking forward to it initially because of the music and because it was also raining and I had shot the Pride Parade beforehand in the rain. But I ended up having a blast because I was so visually overwhelmed and there was just some crazy stuff going on.

mike mushok staindThe night included couples who weren't sure if they should give me their names because, apparently, "What if your girlfriend finds out?" Awkward. Also, a 110-lb female who was visibly drunk knocked me down a very muddy hill while moshing. So it was eventful.

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