on fire

One of my fellow interns at The Oregonian called me up for a favor one night — she was working on a story and needed a photographer since everyone else was shooting elsewhere or off the clock. I hemmed and hawed — I needed to catch up on "Breaking Bad" after all — until she said there was fire involved. Sold. rose city vaudevilleDevin Kelly and I went down to the Rose City Vaudeville, a place I had actually passed a couple of times on my ventures down Alberta Street. The area is set by random bed sheets, brightly colored retaining walls and an old, red doubledecker bus announcing the name of the place. It is a truly Portland space.

fire performersDevin was working on a story about new regulations that would be affecting fire performers in Portland — their audiences would need to sit farther back from the audience for fear of an accident. I was totally digging the whole thing — it was very circus-like. So I invited myself backstage — the people were incredibly welcoming and chill with my presence — and got to work.

fire hula hoophula hoop