summer football

High school football rarely has good light. Since football season is in the fall, it gets dark quickly. Plus, the stadium lighting isn't always particularly good because, well, it's high school football — not the NFL. So you do what you can and get what you get and probably shoot at 6400 ISO (not really, but, well, maybe) and you're done. les schwab bowlSo, when I was given the assignment to shoot a football game on Saturday — you know, in June — I was intrigued. The solstice just happened, so the days are super long. The game started at 7 and the entire thing was played while the sun was up — it ended around 9.

les schwab bowlAnd, of course, the sun set, and there was awesome light. Super awesome. And then there was rain, and it was just light rain, not the kind that makes you want to cringe and hate your job. And then there was a rainbow. It was all very beautiful.

I kept waiting for something amazing to happen in that light. Nothing super awesome happened, and it was obviously hard to focus, so if something did I probably missed it. But I enjoyed it. God, I love nice light. It was a great day to be shooting sports.

les schwab bowlSo, I'm putting up a ton of pictures. I know none of them are particularly amazing and just pretty light for the sake of pretty light, but I don't care. Because I haven't shot sports in awhile and it was the first time in a long time that I really got into it and enjoyed it and didn't hate everything I photographed. So here it is.

oregon high school footballoregon high school footballoregon high school football