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My very first assignment for The Oregonian was a story about a new charter school that is opening in the fall. I'm not that familiar with charter schools — I grew up in a town with only one high school, and a small one at that. But this charter school will be a Chinese language immersion school, where children will learn math, science and basically everything in Chinese. chinese charter schoolI was originally supposed to meet the mom and some children who will be attending the school at the future site of the school, but that fell through. And I'm really glad it did, because it gave me the opportunity to just go over to their house and hang out with her and her kids. I did a set-up portrait just in case, but I mostly just photographed them drawing and riding bikes and playing around the house.

I don't think I often get to do that enough — usually people want to pose something, or make a picture of something that maybe is trying too hard (like photographing in a school that doesn't yet exist). But just getting them in their element, being kids, was great — I didn't try to push the "Chinese" thing too much, and though it doesn't read "oh hey, these kids are going to charter school to speak Chinese," I think that's OK. I had a wonderful time with the family, too — they're very sweet and were really flexible with me just coming in to hang out.