roses and beer: onto portland

I'm a week into my summer internship at The Oregonian and two weeks into living in the Pacific Northwest and things are fantastic. I'm coming to find that unlike many big cities, I find people in Portland to be very nice and helpful and it makes figuring out my way around here even more pleasant. Plus, it's not humid, there are craft beers at every turn and the highlight of the year, the Rose Festival was this week. And I got to cover it for The Oregonian! Yesterday was spent walking through most of Northeast Portland through the Rose Festival Parade, which is apparently a really big deal to many Portlandians. It was a great way to see the traditions that people here enjoy, plus it was a much different side to the typical hipster-esque Portland that most people assume. The parade was multi-generational and filled with a lot of older traditions and things that people here value.

I'm still getting slowly acquainted with the city and The Oregonian. But after the incredibly warm welcome from not only the staff at the newspaper, but the general people who live in Portland, I can tell I'm going to have a hard time leaving this place at the end of the summer.