food for thought

I've been really into sustainability and learning about responsible farms lately and I happened upon the blog for Chert Hollow Farm. Chert Hollow is a sustainable homestead in the rural areas of Columbia, run by husband/wife duo Eric and Joanna Reuter. After reading about their farm and spending some time talking to them, I ended up falling in love with their commitment to being certified organic and their approach to farm management and diversifying their farm. chert hollow farm, missouri homesteadJoanna and Eric Reuter run the farm mostly by themselves (they have some volunteers) and they are very passionate, knowledgable and serious about their product. It was amazing spending the day with them and learning about their farm and I'm very thankful that they allowed me to spend time with them and learn about the great work they do.

sustainable homesteadgoat farm mid-missouri chickweed weeding farmcertified organic farm missourimissouri csa farmsAaaand, I realize I have a lot of pictures of goats and probably too many, but I obviously cannot share this adorable-ness:

baby goat kid