toddlers, truckers & tiaras

For Picture Story, we were assigned a story about a young beauty pageant, given 500 photos, and were asked to edit it down to 6-8 photos. Our professor, Rita Reed, told us that yes, she knew the story had some holes in it. The goal was to learn how to design and edit a picture story with the necessary story features, such as details, closers, lens variation and portraits. But she also wanted us to see this entire take of a one-day story and see what the photographer had missed so we didn't make the same mistakes.

You can see the story edit I decided on below:

My edit was based on how I saw the story, which I did not shoot, so I had no attachment to certain pictures or certain situations. I wanted to display the relationship of the father, who is a truck driver, to his daughter, who he enters in "natural beauty" pageants. I thought, in the pictures, the daughter looked passive and uninterested, while the father was very into the pageants. I wanted to show the dynamics of the preparation for the pageant, and the resolution. The resolution, which I chose to show in my closer, was the father looking pleased with the outcome, and the daughter looking blank. I felt like this was a common theme throughout the story edit I chose.

I also chose the headline, "Toddlers, Truckers & Tiaras" as a play off of the TLC television show, "Toddlers & Tiaras," but wanted to include the father's unique occupation, which also created an alliterative headline.