fight night

I'm not a total obnoxious photo hipster, but there are just some bars I do not frequent in Columbia. I'm not a big Harpo's goer, due to my lack of a Greek affiliation, and I've never really had the desire to go to Whiskey Wild Saloon. female cage fighter

But when I found out there were some cage fights there on Friday night, I thought it might be an interesting cultural experience.

cage fight upset

Interesting it was. I've never been to a cage fighting match before, but it's always kind of been on my photo bucket list. I was really concerned that the light would be absolutely terrible, but it was actually pretty manageable — I shot between 1/500-1/1250 depending on my ISO (between 1600 and 3200).

women at a bar

I was also pleasantly surprised to see some badass female fighters there. I was worried that, being in a relatively conservative bar, that people wouldn't be as into the female fights, but their fights were just as "entertaining" (as entertaining as two people beating the crap out of each other can be) as the male fighters, and people were just as crazy about them. That was really cool to see.

boxing warm up

I went with fellow photographers Matthew Busch and Ryan Henriksen and we kind of made a night out of it. It was fun to be able to shoot with some other people just for kicks, which I haven't done for a long time.

cage fight missouri

But, I'm done with the Missourian now and am a "free woman" in some sort of sense — I'll just be finding my own photo stories all semester, and I'm looking forward to that!

cage fight concussion

cage fight kick

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