wine and giggles

Send out a photo pitch that says anything about wine, and you can count me in. grape stomp

These photos may seem a little untimely — obviously, these pictures are a bit too green to have been taken in December. But I couldn't avoid sharing them eventually.

couple kissing drinking wine

I took these pictures in October at a grape stomp and wine stroll at Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport. I've waited so long to post them because Vox has been waiting to publish a story by them and I didn't want to release them too early! But I've been longing to put them up because it reminds me of what a beautiful fall day it was, with weird light that was really inspiring.

drinking wine laughing

There will be a bit of a dry spell with blog posts for the next few weeks. I'm on Christmas break now and am at home with the family. I'll probably enjoy shooting some film and personal pictures of friends and such.

wine grapes

I'm also done as staff photographer at The Missourian, but have some exciting prospects next semester! I'll be finishing my degree at MU (fingers crossed) with my capstone, Picture Story, and have a great new job for the spring semester with some multimedia production that I'm very excited about.

grape stomping

Enjoy some not-so-wintery photos while enjoying the very unseasonably warm weather (at least in Missouri), for the time being.

grape stomping