another close one

Traveled to Kansas City again this Friday for another high school championship game that ended in a loss. I might be bad luck, it looks like. losing soccer match

This game was ridiculous. I don't watch a lot of soccer, but it was pretty entertaining — when I wasn't cold, at least. For a non-scoring game, there was a lot of excitement and scrapping and close calls.

saving soccer goal

The game went into overtime, 0-0. Then it went into overtime again. According to MSHSAA championship rules, after two overtimes with no winner, the teams each get five penalty kicks. This means five players from each time line up on the field and take shots at the other team's goalie. The one with the most penalty kicks wins.

rock bridge high school soccer Eli Sherman

It's not the best way to decide a game, but after such a long game, there's not really another way. Oakville ended up winning by the penalty kicks, 5-3. The boys were devastated. They were in the final four and that game would've had them play for state championships. Instead they went on to play the next day for third place.

Eli Sherman rock bridge high school

It still never ceases to amaze me, how these boys get so upset at the end of their season. I guess I never played sports, so it's hard to compare it to anything, but I can only imagine how putting your all into a game, or a season, that ended that way would be devastating.

rock bridge high school soccer