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I think I need to start realizing that photographing athletic people means sometimes I have to be athletic, too. cross country xtreme

The Cross Country Xtreme event at the Midway Travel Plaza center definitely lived up to its name. People came out in droves, costume-clad and ready to run. The course involved multiple obstacle courses, including mazes and mud pits. I avoided the mazes and embraced the mud with my rainboots.

cross country xtreme

It's put on by the same people as the Epic Mud Run I photographed, so I was looking forward to it. I also had seen a lot of photos from this event before, such as Jeff Lautenberger's always spot-on work and Parker Eshelman's surreal photos. I definitely didn't shoot as beautifully as them, but it was still fun.

naked ronald mcdonald

After that shoot it will be nice to have a week off of work and school for Thanksgiving. I plan to wear nothing but pajamas and indulge in re-reading Harry Potter. Have a safe holiday, all!

cross country extreme

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cross country extreme