diner dash

It's been a busy semester at the Missourian, and since I have Friday night shifts and Wednesday nights, it seems that most of the time my shift is booked with assignments. When I'm not shooting, I'm trying to scarf down dinner. Or, in this case, finding feature assignments where I can shoot and eat dinner. 63 diner

I haven't had to do much feature finding this semester, but we do have to turn in weekly "idea logs" to keep the creative juices a-flowin'. I wrote this idea down after my boyfriend ended up taking me to the 63 Diner for dinner one night. I have a bit of a diner obsession, what with my love of '50s culture and milkshakes, so he knew I would like it. I immediately fell in love visually with this place, with the waitresses in their poodle skirts, the plethora of memorabilia and the fantastic '50s music playing.

old school diners

One of my assignments was cancelled last night, and I had resolved just to sit in the photo bubble, eat my homemade enchilada and listen to the scanner. It's late in the semester, after all, Thanksgiving Break is next week and I'm usually dying to just get a couple of hours of free time. I figured my "idea logs" could roll over to next semester, when I am in Rita Reed's Picture Story class, surely hard-up for feature story ideas.

vintage diners

But then I thought, why? I'm usually not that hard-up for feature ideas and I'm sure new ideas will pop into my head next semester — I haven't had much trouble the last four years. I didn't see any reason to be lazy and sit and wait for a story to happen. Instead , I wanted to exercise my photography skills and go to a place that I genuinely enjoyed, hang out and take some pictures. After all, isn't that the beauty of this job?

poodle skirt waitresses

So, I did. And I'm glad. I get a little lethargic sometimes before shoots. I'm not sure why — once I get out to a shoot, I really get into it and I don't just laze around, not working to get photographs. But it's always the motivation factor that's hard for me. Mostly the getting-out-of-my-pajamas factor. My cupcake flannel pants are just too comfortable.

diner waitress

What was especially great about this was, when I came back to the office, my photo editor, Kristen Zeis, loved it. I was honestly surprised because, since it wasn't assigned or on the budget or anything, she honestly could've just flipped through them and then sent me off to my next assignment. But Zeis wanted to run a photo gallery (and there are some great comments on it already). So that was really rewarding.

63 diner

This place is pretty remarkable. The lights are insane, the food is fried, the music is hoppin' and their milkshakes are to-die-for (I say this objectively, of course). Quite the site to behold.

vintage diners