It seems odd, when you get an assignment, how every assignment seems to have potential. But once you arrive at your assignment, some just seem to have more potential than others. backstage high school play

I've been shooting a lot of assignments in high schools lately, and I think this is one of the reasons this assignment had so much potential — high schoolers are just so weird. I think we always forget what it was like in high school. I was a high schooler only four years ago, yet it seems like a foreign place to me sometimes.

backstage high school play

In high school everything seems so important — so dire. If something bad happens, it is the end of the world. High school seems like forever. And that's why it's so fun shooting assignment's in high school. There's so much at stake, so much importance placed on every event, whether it's a test or a football game or a play.

backstage high school play

I arrived at one of the first dress rehearsals for "White Christmas" at Hickman High School. I felt so bad for these kids — they've been rehearsing for a Christmas play since September. I'd be pretty sick of Christmas by now, if I were them.

backstage high school play

My first instinct was to just go backstage. It seemed like there would be a wealth of pictures back there and I almost forgot to go in front of the stage and get pictures of the kids rehearsing. I wanted to just hang out with the kids, fly-on-the-wall style and observe what was going on.

white christmas play

Mostly, I think it worked. I wish I would've worked the light more and been a little bit more surrpetitious. But, high schoolers, especially girls, are so aware of what is going on and what people think of them, so I was bound to be noticed. It was fun, regardless. So don't forget out to check out the pictures and story in the Missourian!

white christmas musical