Boone Life: Reversion

I guess I seem to have some themes of things I like to take pictures of — cute kids, dead animals, and the hijab. white girl with a hijab

For my Boone Life, I found Jessica Fay, a white, blonde, blue-eyed girl who recently converted to Islam. Boone Life is a project that is done for The Missourian that involves a picture story, written story and multimedia piece about someone who lives within Boone County. This year, the theme was "How it feels."

converting to islam

My story was difficult, mostly in narrowing down my focus. I cared about a lot of different things pertaining to her story, like the conversion to Islam in terms of racism in America, what it's like to wear the veil when you haven't before and what it's like being a student who is Muslim. I'm not happy with my multimedia, but I've posted it up here anyway. I think it needs to be tailored a bit more and obviously has no ambient sound.

becoming a muslim

The story is not perfect, but it was nice to do a story about something that I obviously care about again. Jessica was really sweet and it was really nice to spend time with her and connect with her.

converting to being muslim

muslim women hijab

white girl converting to muslim