Homecoming season

It's homecoming season, especially around these parts. The University of Missouri's 100th homecoming celebration is coming up (MU invented homecoming, didn't you know?), but before MU's homecoming celebration, it's the time for the high school homecomings around Columbia. rock bridge high school homecoming

I have Friday night shifts at The Missourian and therefore shoot a lot of high school football. I haven't blogged much about it, mostly because I'm not a huge fan of shooting high school football and haven't really shot it very well. I'm working on that, though.

crowning homecoming queen

I usually dread heading out to football games, but I was actually kind of excited for it this particular Friday. I knew it was homecoming for the high schools and was looking forward to all sorts of feature.

high school cheerleading rock bridge

I really struggle with the balance of shooting action and feature photos. The paper always needs action photos, but there's obviously a lot more creativity and variety in shooting feature photos.

homecoming queen crowned

It gets hard after shooting the same place every single Friday, but it's nothing compared to staff photographers who have to do it year after year. I'm going to keep trying to spice it up and rock the action and the feature photos one Friday night and stay inspired as much as I can.

rock bridge high school football