Christianity on Campus

Working with The Missourian this semester also means that I'll be teaming up with weekly arts publication, Vox Magazine! veritas

I worked for Vox as a writer two years ago, so it's good to be back and on the side of the medium that I enjoy more. I'm always down for some fun arts and entertainment coverage, so it's been good collaborating on projects with them.

Pastor Kermit Summerall bows his head as he sings along in worship during Veritas on Tuesday, Aug. 30 in Middlebush Auditorium.

The most recent piece I picked up for Vox is about Christianity on college campuses. I'll tell you what, I've attended more church in the last few weeks than I have in the last year. Sorry, Mom.


So, I went to a variety of unique Christian services over the course of the last few weeks, along with other photographer Matthew Busch. One was a worship in a college lecture hall. One involved beer in a bar.

Veritas is a evangelical presbyterian group that is sponsored by local church, The Crossing. They're very popular and their worship services involve a modern band and projector with lyrics.

I haven't been to an evangelical service in awhile, but once I was there I instantly remembered what my money-shots would be: people singing. The light was low, but they had some nice tungsten bulbs up front that provided some interesting color and unique light — at least it wasn't the awful overhead fluorescents.

The next week, I was off to Theology on Tap, a discussion group run by the Catholic church at The Newman Center on campus. I enjoyed this a lot, being a Catholic myself, so it was nice to know what they were talking about, as they were talking in depth about the Eucharist.

It was a unique setting, with a bunch of college kids eating half-price appetizers while the priest sat in his frock at the head of the table drinking a beer, like a weird, modern last supper.

All this definitely provided a variety of contemporary, college Christian services for Columbia. I had fun shooting the worships and discussion, and I'm sure God was pretty happy that I went to church without my mother begging me to for once.