Putting Down Roots

There are two Columbian events that mark the beginning of my favorite seasons and also start some great feelings in my heart. One of them happened this weekend. david wax museum

To me, the Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ festival marks the official start of the school year. It also marks the start of my favorite season — fall. There is some feeling it stirs in my heart and just makes me happy to be in Columbia, at Mizzou, and in the Midwest (the other event is True/False festival, which usually starts around the beginning of spring, my second favorite season).

david wax museum

I did not spend as much time as I wanted to at Roots 'N' Blues this year. I was super busy this weekend, shooting a multitude of assignments for the Missourian (gettin' read to blow up my blog with them), and unfortunately only stopped by to shoot one set, the David Wax Museum.

Although I'm not the biggest barbecue fan (hate me, whatever, I know I'm from Kansas City), I love, love, love discovering any type of new music — especially folksy, strummy, fiddlin' blues music. And every year that happens at Roots 'N' Blues.

roots 'n' blues

In the past, I've fallen in love with bands like Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears or the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I'm a proclaimed fan of local talents The Bel Airs and the Megan Boyer Band, who regularly play shows in Columbia but also often plays Roots 'N' Blues. I usually go for the more modern-type blues bands and there were two perfect ones this weekend.

One of these bands is Fitz and the Tantrums — check them out. The other, the one I photographed, was the David Wax Museum, made up of frontman David Wax who is a Columbia native. I was really upset during the start of their show, as the press access was weird and organized much more poorly than usual and I couldn't get where I needed to be.

But, praise the photo gods, because the band started having technical difficulties into their first song. And, instead of taking a break to wait it out, the David Wax Museum came into the middle of the audience to play a special, and adorable, and inherently Roots 'N' Blues-esque acoustic set of two songs. Right at my feet. Again, praise the photo gods.

It was something that was so typical of the festival and was a blast to experience. I'm sad that this is my last Roots 'N Blues as an undergraduate — hopefully I'll get to experience the festival again sometime in the future. For now, the memory rests fondly.

Please check out the ton of amazing photo galleries gathered from the festival from the multitude of talented Missourian photographers. And yes, I stole this headline from a Missourian article because I liked it so much!