End of Summer

School has started. Summer is coming to a close (thank goodness, bring on autumn!). And that means I've started at the Columbia Missourian.

I'm super excited to take my newfound knowledge from Denmark and Newsday and apply it to new and exciting stories at the Columbia Missourian. Going to Denmark put me a semester behind, so all the classmates I've taken photo classes with are my editors now. But I'm excited about the others in my staff photo class — it's always fun to make new photo phriends!

My editors at the Missourian didn't waste any time putting me to work. My first shift was Wednesday and I went out on four assignments during my nine hours there. Not that I'm complaining — the more assignments, the better the photos! The first one is a portrait series that I'll reveal at a later date and the other two were some defunct spot-news type assignments. But that's OK, because I got to shoot Summerfest on Ninth Street! There was also a great gallery that ran online with my pictures.

I've always loved the Summerfest series in Columbia, and it was the perfect way to start my shift and get welcomed back in town. Event types seem very systematic to me now, and I feel a bit more seasoned now. That way, I'm able to knock out my go-to shots that need to run in the paper and then play around a little bit with different stuff.

I had a blast at the free concert, which featured Columbia locals The Bel Airs and blues man Jimmy Vaughan. It was hot as hell, but what can you do. I escaped the heat while I was in New York all summer, but hopefully fall comes soon!

I'll keep you updated on my goings-on at the Missourian this semester. I'm sure there will be lots of lessons to be learned and hopefully lots of great singles and photo stories that come out of the class.