Day at the ballpark

My internship is coming to a close, so I had to start checking stuff off my New York photo bucket list pretty quickly — like the one that says to go to a major league game!

At the beginning of my internship, my boss Arnold Miller promised me I would get to shoot a Yankees or a Mets game before the summer was over. I got really excited about this notion, but throughout the last eight weeks, things have been so busy that we both just forgot about it!

The other day we both remembered — and he decided that he wanted to shoot a baseball game for the summer, too. He's the boss, so unfortunately it seems like he spends more time managing than doing assignments, so it was a nice trip for the both of us, plus Bobby Cassidy, to go down to shoot some baseball!

Newsday has usual sports shooters, as most papers do, and we wanted to do something a little different. Arnold and Bobby came up with a great idea to shoot a feature about day games in New York — and found the perfect day to do it.

Thursday there were two New York games going on. The Mets were playing the San Diego Padres at Citi Field at noon and the Yankees took on the Los Angeles Angels at one at Yankee Stadium.

Try as they might, Arnold and Bobby couldn't get me a day pass to the Yankees, for some reason. I wasn't too upset, as I'm not the biggest Yankees fan either way (coughGoRedSoxcough), so it was off to Citi Field for me!

I spent the day shooting features and sports action of the goings-on at Citi Field. I really didn't focus on sports action as much as I should have, to be honest — I think I was too concentrated on getting a variety of feature shots that I settled for easier hitting shots and didn't really try hard enough. I'm not so proud of that, but had a blast the entire day, either way!

I'll just have to practice shooting baseball better on some less high-profile games come next baseball season at good ol' Mizzou!

Here's the natural sound piece, with shots from myself, Arnold Miller and Bobby Cassidy. Edited by Daryl Thomen. Shot for Newsday.