If you can't go home for a family vacation, it's just as nice for your family to come on vacation to you!

My dad and my sister did our usual family vacation to Cape Cod this summer. However, Dad seemed to want to change it up a bit. I offered to drive up to Massachusetts to see them, but he insisted he wanted to go somewhere new. We settled on a good halfway point — Mystic, Connecticut.

Mystic is a quaint little city on the Mystic River.  And yes, you've probably heard of it before. In the small town is the pizza shop that made the movie famous, Mystic Pizza. Yes, we definitely ate there and yes, it was some of the best pizza I've ever had. Too bad the Julia Roberts movie isn't on Netflix Instant Watch, but they did play the movie on loop in the restaurant, which was OK by me.

We spent the weekend mostly relaxing, drinking beer and walking into small shops around the town. It was definitely nice to get away from New York for a weekend, and even nicer to see some familiar faces.

I'll be driving back to Missouri in two weeks, now. I can't believe how quickly the summer has gone by! But I won't be over until I finish a multimedia story I have slated to do this week that I'm pretty excited about, as well as show Tyler around the city.