Arm Wrastlin'

I've never been really good at sports. I have quite little coordination, aggression and competitiveness. But arm wrestling is always fun, no matter what age you are! Though, I'll tell you, I'm much better at thumb wrestling.

I went to Wading River on Long Island last week to shoot video and photos of some professional arm wrestlers. I didn't really know one could be a professional arm wrestler. My knowledge of arm wrestling doesn't go much beyond lunchroom table matches and clips of "Over the Top" I've seen on VH1's "I Love the 80s."

But these guys are serious — and ripped! Both Dave and Bobby are award-winning arm wrestlers and have competed professional for USA teams. And they have quite the community going on around Long Island. Both talked about how arm wrestling seemed to be more of a working class sport and just made sense for all those involved based on their upbringing — and they were always the strongest guys among their friends.

The multimedia piece I did for Newsday is below. Sometimes I do the editing, sometimes I don't — this was the first time I've passed on a piece to someone else! Matt Golub did the producing on this one for me.