Gaining independence on Independence Day

There's nothing quite like being away from your home country for six months and coming back to the most patriotic holiday possible.

I began my internship at Newsday on Monday, June 27. My internship is in the multimedia department, which covers quite the spectrum for the newsroom. During my relatively short eight weeks here, I will produce and edit video, shoot stills, shoot video, gather audio and of course, do some general reporting.

I'll cover spot and general news, sports and community events in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. Sometimes, if the event is pertinent to Long Islanders, I will venture out for a shoot in New York City, such as to shoot a Yankees game or a Good Morning America concert. I haven't yet told the newsroom how I really feel about the Yankees. Not sure if I will.

But for this last week, I've mostly been getting acquainted with the newsroom. And you know, rockin' the cute beat as I do. I hunted for shoots on Sunday with fellow photographer and videographer Chris Ware and Monday I headed out to Crab Meadow Beach for a fireworks show and to shoot video and stills on my own.

I have to say, in my first week here, I've learned a lot. I feel completely comfortable with Final Cut Pro, finally, and have quite a good amount of shortcuts up my sleeve for stealthy editing. I also have learned that New Yorkers do not drive the speed limit, really like to use their horns and live on eyeced quaw-fee (known to the rest of the country as iced coffee). And I've developed a pretty darn good imitation of the Long Island accent.

Unfortuantely, I can't link too much of my stuff on my blog to the real content because Newsday has a pretty good firewall up. One has to subscribe to Newsday or Cablevision to be able to see a good chunk of their content — I can't even look at it unless I'm in the newsroom! So I won't be linking to much of my online stuff here, but I have permission from my boss to put things up here after they've been published, so hopefully that's good enough for you guys. But I promise I do have an internship and it's not made up.

I'm enjoying it here quite a bit and hope to have a solid multimedia project under my belt before I leave. I have some ideas floating around in my head, but we'll see where this internship takes me.