Saying "Hej Hej" to Denmark: A semester in review

I can't believe it's over. Emily Dickinson

What an amazing semester it has been at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, or Danmarks Journalisthøjskole, in Århus, Denmark. I cannot believe it has come to an end, but then again, all good things must.

Shan Rixon

These last six months have been a crash course in independence and surviving for me. I cannot believe how much I have grown since I have been here, both as a photojournalist and as an individual.

Nathaniel Grann

I never thought that after leaving here, I would've produced stories where I couldn't even speak to my subjects, traveled by my lonesome to a foreign country without speaking the language, and learn how to read a map. Unheard of!

Shan Rixon, Carolina Harkort, Sophie Gost

I never thought I would face my photographic style and ethics like I did here. I didn't ever expect to develop the skills that I did here or come face-to-face with how I am as a photographer as shaped by my background. I believe my style and ethics have changed a lot while I have been here and it will be interesting to come home to see how it will change back in America. And I'm excited for that.

Emily Dickinson, Sophie Gost and Nathaniel Grann

I did expect to meet amazing people, though — and boy, did I ever. My professors, photo 1 classmates, the Danish students and other international students have had such an impact on me. I have learned to communicate cross-culturally and I think that is one of my biggest lessons that I am taking away from this place. I will never forget the people I met here.

Emily Dickinson, Your Rainbow Panorama

I feel like such a new and improved person today after all my experiences in Denmark. I was so insecure upon coming here and was going through a lot of things at home. I was depending much too much on my loved ones and couldn't stand as an individual — but this crash course in cultures and traveling definitely cured that. I have an insane renewed confidence and am ready to conquer any challenge put in front of me, journalistically or otherwise.

Åsa Secher

Now I just feel like I can stand on my own and do anything. I'm going off to Long Island in a week and normally, this would have freaked me out. But after everything I've been through in the last six months, I am more than excited to embrace the challenge.

Emily Dickinson, Damien Currie

I don't feel like I can fully express how much this experience has done for me. I have finally developed a style as a photographer, have increased my self-confidence and just grown as a person. So, please bear with me for the next few weeks as I talk at length about Denmark and how cool Scandinavia is and blah blah blah. But seriously, it's a super cool place.

Shan Rixon, Carolina Harkort

It's good to be back in the U.S., but I will never forget the experiences or the people who made my exchange in Denmark as fantastic as it was. I know I will see all these people again someday — it's unavoidable! — and I cannot wait until that day.

Katie Currid, Your Rainbow Panorama

In the meantime, follow my next adventure as I travel to Long Island next week for an 8-week internship at Newsday. I'll be headed there this weekend via road trip with my sister. Life doesn't stop for this girl, apparently!