If there is one thing I've never been completely comfortable with, it's probably multimedia. But after this amazing week with the Bombay Flying Club, I can now say that I think that has changed — and thank goodness!

What a great week it has been. For the past three weeks, we've had our workshop with the Bombay Flying Club. I've learned so much about how to storyboard a multimedia story, how to plan for it, how to deal with audio and creative commons licenses and subjects and different equipment. The BFC was really inspiring in our first week with them — I have such a renewed sense of multimedia and it's no longer one of those things that I have to do because I'm in this industry — I think now I will look forward to it, with this new inspiration!

Our story is about the Aarhus Parkour group. It was really not easy to shoot, with all the action and climbing on rooftops and such! But it was so inspiring to work with Jim Hougaard, our subject. He really sees the world differently because of parkour, but that really helped in our story in the end because we could channel his crazy positive energy into the story.

Feedback on this story would be great. I am not as afraid this summer to go to my multimedia internship at Newsday on Long Island — although that will also include shooting stills, I expect to do a lot more multimedia. And Final Cut Express is no longer a big scary beast for me.

Special thanks to Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from the BFC for all the great inspiration and help on this story. Also, to Jim, Joe and all the other guys at Aarhus Parkour for putting up with our nerdiness with audio and video and for not being afraid to do flips over us with all of our gear.