Outtakes: The Hair or the Hijab

I'd ridiculously happy with my "Hair and the Hijab" edit from my magazine story I posted a few weeks ago. At this point, I can't see myself changing it at all, but know I probably will at some point! Regardless, here are a few outtakes from the story.

You can really see what I was thinking about when I shot this story — a lot of these outtakes are similar pictures of the girls fixing their hair, acting like girls, looking in the mirror, etc. I really, really tried to focus on these things that girls do. I hope it wasn't to my detriment.

Before I did this story, and also during it, I sketched out pictures I wanted to shoot. I actually succeeded in making almost all of them. I missed a few I wanted with layering and such — something I've been struggling with lately — but really nailed a few.

During our workshop, we learned about sketching out photos. I thought this was a really silly idea — I mean, we're photojournalists, not painters! But actually, once you get to know your subjects and the angle for your story, you really have an idea for some pictures that you need to have. And if you sit down and sketch out maybe the "ideal" of a situation, it will probably happen at some point in  your shooting.