Parkour in the Park

My first introduction to parkour was not in Aarhus. Unfortunately, it was debuted to me by Michael Scott on an episode of The Office.

Obviously, Michael Scott's version of parkour is all sorts of crazy. But since I've been with the Aarhus Parkour group this week, I've realized it's also all sorts of crazy, just in its own way.

As part of our multimedia workshop with the Bombay Flying Club, I was assigned to work with Theo Erbenius and Ahmed Hayman on a sports story. I was not too excited to get a sports story at first — I shoot so much sports at home and am trying to put less of an emphasis on that. But when the guys proposed the parkour story, I knew it would be so visual that I got really excited.

I have shot so much video this week but yesterday I got the opportunity to actually shoot stills. Stills and video are definitely not at all similar, and it's hard to differentiate between the two and how to shoot both. It's even hard to differentiate between stills you take for a photo story and stills taken for multimedia. But I'm slowly getting accustomed to both.

For this shoot, I had to climb on a roof. I was really, really intimidated for a few reasons. Firstly, I wore jeans — and jeans that I've sewn up because they got ripped doing other silly activities. And secondly, I have really, really awful upper body strength and it was not easy getting on the roof. But I did it! And thank goodness, because it yielded to some great shots.

We'll be done with the story on Friday — at least, I hope we are, since that's the deadline! We have a good pace so far but I thought I'd share some stills from a really fun day with a great group of guys.