An Audacious Coffee Break

The next three weeks we're doing a multimedia workshop with the great multimedia team, the Bombay Flying Club! It's never fun getting re-acquainted with multimedia, but I was pleased to see that I am not as rusty as I thought I was. To get the entire class, including those who had no multimedia experience, get comfortable with the equipment, Poul Madsen, our lecturer for this week, sent us out on a podcast hunt. We were to produce a one-minute audio piece with the theme, "coffee break."

My team was made up of Ahmed Hayman, Theo Erbenius and myself and we set out to the Latin Quarter of Aarhus to find a nice coffee shop. When we found one, Ahmed pointed out an "interesting looking" man and suggested I do the interview with him, while he and Theo collected ambient noise.

45 minutes later, I was still talking to him — he was quite interesting but also had the tendency to ramble. He told me a lot of intimate details about his life, such as how he was a recovering alcoholic, and I had a good time talking to him. But deadline called, so we set off shortly after to put together the piece.

Theo was excellent in being way more precise with editing audio than I would ever care to, so that was quite helpful. And I probably never would have done the interview if Ahmed had not put me on the spot with this "interesting" man. I'm actually quite pleased with how it all ended up coming together and hope you enjoy it! Over the next three weeks, Ahmed, Theo and I will be putting together a 4-7 minute multimedia piece. I'm overjoyed to be working with the Bombay Flying Club and am excited to learn a lot and have a good piece to show at the end of it all.