Viva Barcelona!

Although I've been in Denmark for two months now, I haven't had too many opportunities to travel besides my visit to Copenhagen. I'm definitely not complaining because DMJX has kept me very busy shooting beautiful stories all over Aarhus, but with all this winter weather still around, I knew I needed a weekend to escape — and Barcelona was just the place to do it!

Barcelona is a beautiful, gorgeous and most importantly a warm city. I went with two classmates, Lauren Smith and Christina Robnett, who are Americans in the television program at DMJX. We bounced all over Barcelona, soaking up the sun in the three short days we were there. Thankfully, it was just enough time to have a short vacation and I didn't feel shorted or that I didn't see enough while I was there.

The words that sum up my weekend would be sun, spring, sangria, seabreeze, seafood and satisfaction. And I definitely ingested enough seafood and sangria to last me a month in Denmark.

I tried chipirones per suggestion from my photo friend Shan who lived in Barcelona for a few months — they are baby octopuses and are often fried and served as tapas.

Tapas are definitely the way to go when eating in Barcelona, or anywhere in Spain for that matter. They are like small portions that you can order, like mini appetizers, and this seemed perfect for me because you get to try so many different things!

And of course, you also can't go to Barcelona without looking at some of Gaudi's beautiful architecture and art. We took a walking tour of Gaudi works such as the infamous Sagrada Familia and some of his apartment buildings.

We also managed to make it to the breathtaking Park Guell, where we spent just about all day covering the expansive park high up in the hills of the city. The park was easily my favorite part of Barcelona, with its beauty, trails, views and fun people milling about, peddling wares and playing their music. I didn't post any pictures here because they're very tourist-y, but maybe I will later.

I tried to do some street photography-esque stuff while I was there, but took a lot of shots on my brand new Holga! I've uploaded the ones from my digital camera here (obviously), but I'm very excited to develop and scan my film sometime in the next week.

This next week will be insanely busy due to the magazine story myself and the other international photo students are working on. The theme is "New Challenges of Europe" and we'll be shooting all this week to complete our photo stories. Next week we will be designing the entire magazine so I should have it up sometime soon. And then it's off to Greece for island hopping over Easter break!

There's exciting stuff coming up, but a lot of longer-term things. I'll try and post small outtakes for the next few weeks, but until then, buenos dias!