Shooting soccer while shivering

Football here is not football. It's soccer. But they keep trying to tell me it's called football. They call football "American" football. And then they look at me funny when I call it soccer. Where am I, Europe or something?

So, last week I had to shoot a sporting event or training. My initial thought was this soccer (or football, if you're European) team that practices on Monday and Thursday nights at this really great field right by my school. What caught my eye was, obviously, the graffiti wall.

But that caught my eye at about 5:30 p.m., when there was still light. And it wasn't that cold outside (you gotta be relative here, it's a cold country). And so I thought I could pull it off.

But then I get to the field. It's about 8 p.m., the wind is ridiculous and it was incredibly cold outside. I'd give you figures, but my mind is so out of whack from converting things from Fahrenheit to Celsius and kilometers to meters that I just don't know numbers anymore, I just know that it kind of sucked.

So, I shot at about 5000 ISO on my 1D and tried to suck it up for an hour. It was pretty miserable, and I didn't get a lot of shots, so I ended up reshooting the assignment elsewhere. But hey, what's a blog for if not to at least share your fun outtakes?

All photographs copyright © Katie Currid 2011. All rights reserved.