Body Combat

Last week, we were assigned in groups with a theme and were told to go shoot the story and then come back and work as a team to edit the story into five pictures. My group got sports and training.

I had a bunch of ideas initially, such as soccer, which I did shoot but which did not go so well what with intense winds and freezing cold and a very long bus ride with 40 minutes of waiting at the bus stop. More on that later.

So, after many failed attempts at shooting many other things because of the winter holiday and many schools being closed, I settled on an aerobics class called bodycombat.

It was fun being in a Danish fitness club, as I've had my fair share of exploring different fitness centers since my mom has been a personal trainer for over 20 years. This place, Fitness DK, was very nice, and the bodycombat instructor, Jesper Andersen, was incredibly kind and helpful to my plight.

The bodycombat class was an intense mix of martial arts and aerobics. It reminded me of kick boxing and Tae Bo. The class looked wonderfully worn out by the end of the hour and Jesper, the instructor, had great high energy. The entire studio shook the whole time I was there — not exactly perfect for long exposures, but it was still funny.

I'm not incredibly satisfied with my take, but it is what it is. It was really great though, because after our group, Jesper Mortensen, Virginie NguyenAsger Ladefoged, and I edited each other stories, we were lucky enough to do a workshop/lecture with Thomas Lekfeldt.

Lekfeldt is actually a graduate of DMJX from four years ago and has since been doing freelance work and a lot of work with the Danish paper Ekstra Bladet. I was actually familiar with his work from last year's POYi, when he won the prestigious World Understanding Award for his beautiful story about a child with cancer.

Lekfeldt showed us some of his raw images and outtakes the first day and then we worked with him to make our stories perfect. It was a lot of fun because we did quirky edits of some people's stories and discussed how a simple edit could change the entire context of the story. It's been one of my favorite lectures since I've been here (one of many I'm sure) and it was an honor to work with Mr. Lekfeldt.

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