The Bazar Butcher: Outtakes

One of my favorite places here in Århus is Bazar Vest, an eclectic Middle Eastern market where haggling is encouraged and so is mingling.

Bazar Vest is a very interesting place. It is kind of flea-market-esque, in that there are lots of different shops and stores owned by different people, all located under one roof. However, the shops vary in the wares they sell, as some specialize in jewelry, some in fabrics, others in hair care, and others in wonderful junk. There are also a lot of eateries where you can find gelato and curry and kebab, and there is also a huge fruit market in the middle of the place.

[caption id="attachment_1631" align="aligncenter" width="900" caption="Lars Ville of Ville's Slagtehus & Gårdbutik unloads lamb meat from the back of his truck at Bazar Vest for Al-Hilal Slagter in Brabrand. Ville delivers to many halal slaughterhouses in Århus."]

What drew my eye for my Slagtehus story, though, was the butcher. I couldn't resist the lamb hanging in the glass freezer or the pigs' feet in the display case.

One of the more interesting aspects of Bazar Vest is that not only is it a great place for shopping, but many people who are friends come to meet here. It gets quite crowded often because it's like a family reunion in every aisle of the already-crowded place, but this friendliness was increasingly apparent in the men I worked with at the butcher.

Like I said before, the butcher didn't end up fitting with my Slagtehus story, but this is where I got the contact, as the slaughterhouse I profiled sells its beef to this particular butcher. The lamb meet comes from another guy, though. He was also quite the character.

If anyone plans on visiting me in Århus, going to Bazar Vest is a must. No, it's not Viking culture, but Middle Eastern culture is very prevalent here and the Bazar is one of the places it is best represented and enjoyed.

All photographs copyright © Katie Currid 2011.