The Civil War

I shot a Canon and a cannon last weekend.

This post has taken me a bit longer than usual, but, as promised, it's up. Nick Schnelle, Katy Mooney, Kuba Wuls and I travelled to Prairie Grove, Arkansas to shoot a Civil War re-enactment. The weekend was amazing fun and full of interesting people.

One of the more interesting things we did was couch surf. I've never couch surfed before, but we had a really great experience. We crashed on the couch of four college girls from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. They were extremely accommodating and nice to us. I don't know if I could ever open my home to complete strangers, but I thought it was really sweet of them to let us stay with them.

We didn't only experience hospitality in Fayetteville, but the re-enactors in Prairie Grove were so nice. We had the greatest time hanging out with all of the re-enactors, who were so passionate about their period tents, uniforms and ways of life.

We struggled to find a story the first few days we were there, but hit a jackpot on Saturday. We hung out with an old unit, the Holmes Brigade, who had a lot of family members. We also had a great time with them Saturday night when they put together a minstrel show with period music. It was a blast.

On Saturday night, I also came across a few women at a dance the event organized. There was music and dancing and women in huge hoop skirts and elaborate dresses. But as I started to interview a few of the women, I found that many of them doubled as men during the day.

This introduced me to Teresa Bowdle and her family who owned a few cannons and ran the Arkansas 1st Artillery. The next day, I went out with them on the battle field and took pictures and video of them shooting off the cannons. They even let me shoot off a cannon! Their hospitality was incredible, and they weren't the only ones. We met so many nice people over the weekend.

Putting together the multimedia piece was quite stressful, as we had video, audio and stills to produce in Final Cut Express. After many hours in the photo lab at school, though, it was done! The project is now up online. I encourage you to check it out.