The Transition, Continued

Have you missed me? I haven't posted in so long!

I've been incredibly busy the last couple weeks, what with finals, final projects, internship applications, and most importantly, Danish preparation! In case you haven't heard, I was accepted to the Danish School of Media and Journalism and will be setting out for Europe on Jan. 22. I'm incredibly grateful of the opportunity and am very excited, although it hasn't quite set in yet.

In the last couple weeks, I've been working with a very old story subject of mine. For Fundamentals of Photojournalism my freshman year, I did a story on Dakota Raynes, a female-to-male transgender with a 7-year old child who he could not have custody of because of his transition. Dakota's story has always been one of my favorites, but I always felt that I didn't have enough time with him due to access issues in the beginning – Dakota was not easy to get in touch with, due to his busy schedule and the fact that I could not track him down because his chosen name is not on the school directory.

So, I've been back in touch with Dakota. Access is amazing this time around and he is incredibly enthusiastic about the story. I'm trying to get a good handle on the story before I depart for Denmark, but of course, I'm open to finishing the story when I return to the states.

I've included a slideshow of some images I enjoy that I've taken so far. I'd love some feedback, especially about what you think you'd like to know or see.

I have some more pictures of Dakota, including some of him and his daughter, Lily, who is key to the story, but due to an upcoming custody battle, I will not include the pictures on my blog until given permission. If you would like to see some images to provide feedback (which would be much appreciated), Dakota has allowed me to create password-protected blog posts featuring the pictures.

I look forward to hearing what you all think. I also traveled to Prairie Grove, Arkansas last weekend to shoot a story for my final project for Advanced Techniques. The project is a multimedia story (featuring video! OMG!), so I am currently working on a website interface to feature the story, which includes two separate parts.