Multiple Flash

This assignment was just the bane of my existence. There’s no easier way to put it.

The assignment, multiple flash, wasn’t hard because the technical part was particularly difficult, but I had a hard time with the electronics and finding an event. Andreas Bro and I were paired together and, ideally, wanted to shoot some people playing basketball late at night on the courts around town. We drove around Tuesday but couldn’t find anyway, so we reserved to find what we needed Wednesday.

We went to so many places on Wednesday but could not get the Pocket Wizards to work for the life of us. Firstly, I was missing a PC cable that I know the equipment locker gave me, so we couldn’t sync two flashes. We tried to put it on slave mode, but the reaction time was much too slow to shoot basketball — it was at least a second later.

After we got our technical difficulties figured out — two hours after we started our adventure — we started to shoot some basketball players playing ball at Campus Lodge courts. Twenty minutes into the shoot, though, the lights went out on the court. This wasn’t a big deal for us (hey, we had lights), but the players didn’t want to play in the dark. So, they left.

The lights needed 20-30 minutes to recharge. We waited with another group who wanted to play and made some pictures of them just hanging out. We shot them for a good amount of time and then it started to rain. I think the photo gods were just not smiling down upon us during this game.

I’m not super proud of this image, but I’m just glad we got something after we went to six different locations and went through a slew of technical difficulties. I purposely shot this image in Kelvin to make it look harsher. I wanted the lighting set-up to look like a glamorous court and to kind of mimic the way the lights shine on the court, kind of too hard and a bit too bright.