A Super Day

I went through a superhero phase, I'm going to be honest. If you want to debate which superhero is better, or whether DC Comics or Marvel Comics is cooler, I can hold my own in that conversation.

So I was really excited when I heard that people were trying to break the world record for the most people dressed as superheroes in the same place at the same time. The event was a fundraiser for Columbia Public Schools.

Although they did not break the Guinness World Record — 762 people showed up but the record was 1,580 — the event brought out some very interesting Columbians, plus some adorable children.

One of my favorite costumes was a father who dressed up as Optimus Prime. He didn't just "dress up," though. He would've looked exactly like Optimus Prime if he was the size of a semi.

Scott Robbins made his Optimus Prime costume out of one of those Power Wheels Jeeps vehicles that children get to drive around. He said he used his son's car, but his son never even noticed it was gone.

This event took place from 11 a.m. to noon, with that great "raccoon eye" sun up above. I tried to use fill flash in most of my pictures. It's definitely not a technique I'm comfortable with yet. I had a lot of trouble with the direction of the flash (I don't think my hand is consciously connected to my body) and with the power of it, but I think I have some pictures where the fill flash really saved the picture.

Photographs copyright Katie Currid © 2010. All rights reserved.