I Think Ur A Contra

I may be a Midwesterner, but there's some good ol' folksy traditions I've never tried out — like square dancing.

Contra dancing is partnered folk dancing where couples line up across from each other in long lines. Because of the lines and the continuous motion, it was really visually appealing to shoot.

The Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers gather quite often at the First Christian Church in downtown Columbia. I can't believe I have never happened upon their organization before, as I walk by the church often and the door was just wide open, with music pouring out into the night air.

Because it was Halloween weekend, members dressed up to dance. And there were some wonderfully interesting costumes.

I've learned over time from shooting events that sometimes, depending on the situation, pictures will repeat themselves. This is especially true in children, who often repeat weird (and photogenic) things they do.

Dancing is especially great for repetition. And in this contra dance, every step repeated itself throughout the entire song. If I wanted to follow a couple, I would just walk down the line. Or, I could stay in the same spot and get the same motion with different people. It was great, because I could perfect a photo I had imagined in my head until I got it and then move on to something else after that.

Photographs copyright © Katie Currid 2010. All rights reserved.