The End of the 99th Homecoming

I can't believe Homecoming is over. It was such a fantastic week.

To wrap up Homecoming, Greek and residence hall organizations gathered at the steps of Jesse Hall on Sunday. The Homecoming Steering Committee announced the winners of the events of the week.

Homecoming event points are gathered throughout the week from a variety of activities, including the blood drive, Homecoming parade, house decorations, skits and food drive.

Because I have friends in sororities, I know how stressful the week of Homecoming is, as so much time and preparation goes into creating floats, decorations and rounding up people to participate in the philanthropies.

And Homecoming isn't even a week long — it's more like three weeks. Homecoming started at MU 99 years ago, so I think it's safe to say that ours is one of the biggest.

Kappa Alpha Theta ended up placing first in Homecoming, with Chi Omega in second. During this shoot, I mostly focused on getting reactions from the girls. Some of the reactions were astonishing — I expected screaming and jumping, but a lot of the girls broke out in tears. I think it was kind of a release of all the effort put into the entire week of Homecoming and this signified the very tiring end of it all.

I used my flash on this assignment, something I may not have done before. I'm happy to say that my Advanced Techniques professor, Rita Reed, has stopped me from saying I'm "an available light" photographer. Because guess what — there was hardly any available light here! I'm happy I brought my flash and got some more practice with it. I practiced some slow shutter speeds and such. I think the pictures were effective.

Photographs copyright © Katie Currid 2010. All rights reserved.