The most ridiculous experience happened this weekend. MU defeated number one ranked OU at Faurot Field during our 99th Homecoming. Also, please excuse the Antoine Dobson reference in my title. It came from a College GameDay sign.

The weekend was incredible. ESPN's College GameDay set up shop on our Francis Quadrangle and Erin Andrews took over the field, reporting on the game.

The team played like I have never seen them before. I don't know if we got a new quarterback and gave him a Blaine Gabbert mask, but the team played well. I was not muttering under my breath on the sidelines during this one, trying to mask my obvious bias.

After the game, it was insanity. Despite warnings of potential arrest for rushing the field, the fans, obviously, rushed the field. Myself and other members of the press were mobbed as 70,000 fans crowded the astroturf and we tried to get around admist them to get great photographs of the celebration.

It was an insane celebration. The fans ripped down a goal post, taking it to Harpos Bar, where they cut it into pieces with magically conjured saws. Seriously guys, where'd you get the saws? Was this that anticipated?

Unfortunately, as I tried to get to the center of the field to get pictures of fans, I was swept away from the side the goal post was taken. I didn't even know it had taken a trip to Harpo's until I returned to the press box and opened Twitter. I contemplated going down, but found my three coworkers were already on it. I got pictures of the drumline's celebration and other goings-on after the game, so I was glad we got some variety, at least.

So many reporters did an excellent job on this weekend's football coverage. Here's a list of some of the stellar work: