Color Correction

I've been memorizing light bulbs for the last week.

For Advanced Techniques this week, we were assigned color correction. Our eyes may see all lights as beautiful, perfect white light, but our cameras do not. Tungsten is a crazy orange and fluorescents are green or pink or something else awful.

I’m much more pleased with my content this time around for this assignment. I had some trouble with the single flash assignment because I felt the room had to kind of cater to what I was shooting. However, I was glad I found Sam Brown’s Cosmetology School, as the people there were a lot cooler with me shooting there and the pictures are more interesting.

In this assignment, I had trouble matching the color. I initially shot in a different salon, KeLani, where the lighting was fluorescent. However, I felt the light was more yellow than pink and shot accordingly. My pictures came out the wrong color, so I decided to reshoot my fluorescent assignment.

I don’t think I’m an expert on color now, by any means. I am still struggling with remembering the temperatures or what color certain lights are. The select I’ve chosen is not my favorite image. I prefer 0007 and 00045, but one is underexposed and the other is a bit too yellow. In Sam Brown’s, I tried shooting with both a green gel and a pink/orange gel. I think the green was more successful, as when I chimped with the pink/orange gel, the pictures were off. 0007, while I think it is much more interesting, was shot in jpeg and not RAW. I wish I had shot it in RAW so I could fix that little bit of color.

Photographs copyright Katie Currid © 2010. All rights reserved.