Not a Fifth Down Game

I haven't photographed a football game in, well, forever. So I was a little worried when I stepped onto Faurot Field on Saturday.

Last year, I felt like I shot my fair share of football games. I had some good games, such as Tiger's all-time rivals, the Jayhawks, and the Texas Bowl against Navy in Houston. But I got to pick who shot the games back then, since I was the photo editor. My fate was in the hands of the new Maneater photo editor this year, Nick Agro.

But Nick threw me a bone and gave me some good games, and I got to shoot the first conference football game against Colorado this Saturday. I kind of forgot about shooting the game, to tell you the truth, until just about the week before. I had gone forever without football. I didn't even remember what it was like.

Well, for being so rusty, I felt pretty good about shooting this game. I was worried that I would forget some of the rules on the field or some of the pointers I had learned in the last year, but I guess shooting football is like riding a bike — you never quite forget.

And I'm pleased with my shots. The game against Colorado was a pretty important game though, but not because it was a big rival, but because of some new changes and old historic events.

20 years ago, the Tigers and the Buffalo played each other at Faurot Field in what's known as the Fifth Down Game. During the game, the chain gang accidentally permitted a fifth down, which was the final play of the game. During this play, Colorado, who was behind, scored a touchdown, defeating Missouri. Missouri fans were so enraged they stormed the field, tearing down a goal post. It's known as one of the most memorable college football blunders ever.

And what do you know, some of the original chain gang members from the Fifth Down Game were there last night — 4 of the original 7. I talked to some of them about the game and whether or not they were nervous about it being the 20th anniversary. They didn't seem to mind, though.

With this first game down, I'm feeling pretty confident about the rest of football season. I'm pretty sure I'm only shooting one more game, but it's Homecoming, so I'm still very excited!

Photographs copyright © Katie Currid 2010. All rights reserved.