The Columbia Enforcers

Patience is a virtue, and this could not be more true in photography.

For the last year, the Columbia Enforcers have been trying to form a team in Columbia. The group is a part of the Women's Spring Football League and want to gather women from Columbia and surrounding areas to play football.

Of course, this interested me. I love shooting sports, but mostly because of the feature work that comes from the events. And if I were to profile the group, I would get the best of both of these worlds.

As the Arts & Entertainment editor for The Maneater, I pitched the story to my writers to see if we could get an update on the group. I had tried getting ahold of the team last year, but they didn't seem to have enough members to be able to participate in the spring league.

This year, though, the Columbia Enforcers are out in full and expect to play in the spring. I had a fun time shooting their practice last week, and hey, the light wasn't bad either.

Photographs copyright © Katie Currid. All rights reserved.