Diving Right In

I'm trying to see the world differently.

A couple weeks ago, I had a talk with Gerik Parmele from The Columbia Tribune during a CPOY editing session about my portfolio. My portfolio is pretty standard, but Gerik gave me one very interesting piece of advice — You need to show with your photographs how the way you see the world is unique.

I see what Gerik is saying. I feel like I consistently shoot what would run in a daily newspaper. But a portfolio is supposed to show your very best, most breathtaking work. So if my best photographs are daily work (even though they're consistent), that doesn't say much about how great I am as a photographer.

So, I've been working. I've been trying to see the world differently. So, I did that a lot this weekend, especially when I shot diving.

I thought diving would be a good place to start. With sports photographs, you never have to strive for a moment because it's always there, and I thought the shapes in diving would be really interesting.

I think I'm on my way. I'm doing a lot lately to try to see the world different and become a better photographer. It's not easy. It's not like exercise, where you work out really hard and then you see tangible results. The results with this aren't consistent. But the good thing is that I can practice and "work out" my eye. And hopefully soon I can trim some fat off of my portfolio.

All photographs copyright © Katie Currid 2010. All rights reserved.