Over the Edge

One thing to remember: Don't be afraid to photograph from weird places and don't be afraid to ask.

Over the Edge is a fundraiser Special Olympics Missouri has put on for two consecutive years now. Participants donate money to rappel down the side of Tiger Hotel downtown. The event garners a lot of attention from passerby, and since I'm a passerby, I decided to check it out.

Now, I took these photos on a Wednesday where I was very, very busy. I'm not usually very busy on Wednesdays, but that day I had to work on a lot of projects and some studio work and was just trying to cram everything in. Because of this, I had reserved myself to just photograph Over the Edge from on the ground. But then I remembered a critique someone gave me a couple of weeks ago at a CPOY editing night, where a former CPOY judge told me I was shooting from the same angle too often. So, I was going to the top of the hotel.

I walked into the hotel and said I wanted to shoot on top of the hotel to the event organizers. Surprisingly, they said all I'd have to do was sign a liability form and I could go! I was incredibly pleased. So, I signed the form, got suited up in all the gear and a hair-flattening helmet and climbed lots of stairs to the top of the hotel. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights, though, because about all that was protecting me from the top of the hotel and the street was a foot-high brick wall.

Sometimes it's nerve racking to try something you may get turned down for, but once you build up the confidence, it never hurts to ask!