Soaked Shooting Soccer

I've been going a little crazy with the alliterations lately. But I've also been going a little crazy because I haven't been able to shoot any sports lately!

Football season started but I'm slated to shoot conference games later in the season, so I decided to stay in practice by shooting a soccer game on Friday.

The MU women's soccer team is incredibly good. Last year, they went on to the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16 and won their first Big 12 Championship title.

So, why wouldn't I want to shoot that?

I haven't shot soccer since my freshman year. And my freshman year, I was kind of stupid. The first sporting event I covered, women's soccer, I wore a dress and leggings, sporting The Maneater's 70-200 lens and my Canon Rebel XT. I was stylin'. People laughed at me.

This year, I was better prepared. Good thing I was even extra prepared, too, because it rained during the game. It definitely wasn't as bad as last year's football game against Nebraska, but I still wrapped the 300 up in an army-issued tarp and brought plenty of black trash bags.

I shot the game with another photographer, freshman James Militello. He was an enthusiastic kid, and I appreciated his humbleness, something that's unfortunately not very common in freshman journalists. He did try to shoot the game with a monopod and a 70-200, though. Because I've heard almost every sports shooter make fun of anyone who tries to use a monopod with any lens under a 300, I nudged him to tell him about his faux pas. It was nice to be able to pass along some wisdom and save someone from later ridicule — especially since he shot MU's football game the next day.

This soccer game wasn't my best, but I plan to keep shooting this semester, even when I'm not on assignment for anyone. Soccer's on my agenda, and obviously football is assigned, but I'm looking forward to some creative opportunities with swimming and diving, which starts in October.