Hot Jobs

This summer has been hot. It has been humid. It has been borderline unbearable.

Almost every day for the last three weeks has reached above 100 degrees in the heat index. Sure, it might be only 95 degrees out...but with the humidity, it could be over 100 in the heat index. Last week we even reached 112 degrees.

Because the heat affects just about everyone, that makes it newsworthy. And newsworthy things need photographs, so, you know, people will read them. And that means I have to venture out into the heat to capture said heat.

I am a naturally pale person. Not this summer. Being outside just about every day has graced my upper half with a wonderful farmer's tan, complete with an excessive amount of freckles.

It's been nice to be outside this summer, though. I'm not normally an nature-loving type of person, but I've become accustomed to the heat. And sweating, too, I guess.

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