Chick Magnet

Urban hens may be popular in Columbia, but in Kearney, there is plenty room for chickens to roam the farm.

Kenny Barham has been raising fryer chickens to sell at local farmers' markets in the Northland. When I arrived at the farm (at an ungodly early hour, I might add), I was surprised to see some really unattractive chickens.

Apparently, I am used to egg-laying chickens, better known as hens, which are very pretty and come in a variety of colors. Fryer chickens, the ones you eat, on the other hand...they're not so cute. They were scraggly and white and small.

Ken's grandsons helped with the farm, complete with cowboy boots, cowboy hats and spurs. They were too adorable not to photograph and had a great time messing around on the four-wheeler.

Although I did photograph the ugly chickens, I also had the opportunity to photograph the Barham's hens and chicks. Chicks win with cuteness, with hens coming in at a close second.

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