Bringing Levi Home

The Emmons family from Gower, Missouri is seeking to adopt an 8th child, a boy named Levi from China. They held a fundraiser at the Vineyard Church to raise money to bring him home. At the fundraiser were two of their children, Alicia and Ezekiel. Alicia was adopted from China in 2006 and is missing her right hand. Dana Emmons seeks to adopt handicapped children and bring them into her home.

Alicia was a doll. It was amazing seeing her maneuver around without a hand. She showed me how she could cut ribbon by holding it with her feet. Her mother said she was the best Mario Kart player around, steering with her foot and punching buttons with her left hand.

It was also really great watching the two children, Alicia, who was adopted, and Ezekiel, who was the Emmons' biological child, get along so well. They were less than a year apart in age but giggled and played like they had lived together all their lives.

Even though I'm sure the Emmons family is huge, it seems as though they all get along incredibly well. It was fun spending the day with the children and watching this very different family work so well together.

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